Easy Tips to Play Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas Tips

Gangstar Vegas is a fun game where you get to have a wide range of missions and which is very similar to the GTA series. Expanding your cartel and accessing new missions is not going to be a walk in the park. So, here are some Gangstar Vegas tips to help you get past any potential challenges that you find along the way.

Complete all the missions successfully

Make sure that you go to the shop during each mission. Here you can get armor, ammo, weapons and medkits. It’s important to focus on getting the items you want, especially the medkits. These are crucial if you want to stay alive, so you have to keep them in mind.

Do all kinds of missions, even the secondary ones

The idea here is that you have to use the map in order to access as many missions as possible. You need to do those if you want to get money and expand your reach inside the game. Also, by using the map you can remove the time needed to go around the world as you play. It really goes to show that the value and quality is there, all you need is to access it as fast as you can.

Opt for the high end weapons

If you do buy weapons, make sure that you use only the high end ones. There’s a reason for that, higher end weapons are always going to bring you a really good return on investment. We recommend you to get these instead of getting multiple lower tier items. Most of the time, this just isn’t worth it, so the best value is always received from the better weapons like these.

Try to shoot while running

Not a lot of people know, but you can run and shoot when you play this game. It may not be the best possible function out there, but it works great as a whole. That being said, you do need to try and boost some of your speed if you can. Running and shooting can help you do that without any issues.

Study what skills you really need

Once you are there, just go ahead and upgrade them. The thing here is to avoid upgrading stuff that you don’t really need at all. It will be a much better idea to just focus on a few skills and use them when necessary. Some of the best skills to upgrade include the rate of fire, damage as well as health, among others. It really goes to show that the value is there, and you will be quite happy with the experience.

These tips will help you get better and better at playing Gangstar Vegas. If you love this game and want to learn how to play adequately, all you have to do is to use these ideas. Rest assured that with their help you will get a lot better at this time. So, try them out and you will be very happy with the entire game experience!

More Tips to Play Gangstar Vegas

The Gangstar Vegas has acquired great appeal with its 3D graphics. Set on the Sin City’s mean streets, the game is a thriller with lots of mission, using a number of weapons and vehicles. The customized controls make the game a thriller to play. Gangstar Vegas is a huge game world, which is almost nine times Gangstar Rio, the previous game. Being a prize fighter there are many weapons to choose from. There are various guns, Molotov, grenades flamethrowers and even baseball bats to attack with. You can also change your looks with unique haircuts, new clothes or choose a chipmunk mask. You can buy any type of vehicle which varies from mopeds to trial bikes including tanks and monster trucks.

For a Dramatic Increase in your Skill

Buttons are provided for using the screen with directional pad and action buttons to shoot, run and to interact with objects. There are various driving controls to make playing the game easier. You can choose from arrows, stick-based steering and tilt-based, to play the game. The control system for bikes and cars are different. For cars, you can choose arrow-based steering, while you can choose tilt-based for motor-cycles. With the aid of the mini map, you can check your current position. You can move on to a mission straight-away without driving to the start point. You need not restart a mission. The Map screen has to be opened and the mission icon has to be tapped upon. Select begin and continue the game. You need to use grenades wisely to dispatch enemies. You need stealth while playing gunfights to upgrade your game. The Grand Theft Auto requires good driving skills. There are various resources to increase your capacity to perform well. Of course, you can use the in-app store to play with more resources and go ahead whenever you get stuck and require aid.


Gangstar New Orleans VS Gangstar Vegas

This video show the Gameplay comparison of Gangstar New Orleans and Gangstar Vegas. Its the start up Gameplay comparison between Gangstar New Orleans and Gangstar Vegas. Comment below which is the best game in the Gangstar series

Play Gangstar Vegas on PC

Play Gangstar Vegas on PC and Mac


Learn how to Download and Gangstar Vegas on PC or Mac

  1. Go to http://www.bluestacks.com
  2. Hit Download!
  3. Open the download file
  4. Install Bluestacks
  5. Click ‘Search’ in the top left corner and type in Gangstar Vegas
  6. Click on Gangstar Vegas in the Google Play Store
  7. Click Install
  8. Open Gangstar Vegas and enjoy!
Gangstar Vegas New Orleans Cheats

Gangstar Vegas New Orleans Cheats

Gangstar Vegas New Orleans Cheats

The Gangstar Vegas is a fun-filled game that has numerous, thrilling fights and shooting. Tackling arch rivals and moving on with full speed to complete missions is most adventurous. Fighting, killing and racing at top speed has always many gamers while overcoming obstacles and using latest weapons always keeps its fan base together. Easy navigation tools are provided in the game for easy understanding and play.cheat using Gangstar Vegas New Orleans cheats to proceed further with your game

Trapped in the Middle! Now What?

You get caught in the center of the most thrilling fight and are just unable to proceed, due to lack of adequate resources. No problem! You can get all the cheats you want to continue your thriller. You can get any type of Gangstar Vegas New Orleans cheats using codes, secrets, hints, unlockables and glitches, to proceed further with your game. You can make in-app purchases to replace cheat codes and go ahead with your game. There are times, when the enemy needs a lot of bullets to bring him and his team down. There are many shots missed and you just have to keep the firing on continuously till he drops dead. The great city of New Orleans is seen in full light with its unique features highlighted through beautiful graphics. There are a lot of weapons to be used in the open world and many modes of transport are available to be used, while playing the storyline. To keep the players hooked to the game, you need resources.

Playing the game on any tablet or smart phone or any device with Android and iOS is a thriller. You can use our cheats for playing the Gangstar Vegas New Orleans by adding more Diamonds and Cash for free, into your account. As it is free to download, you can also spare a few dollars to purchase from the in-app stores too.

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How to be the Strongest Player in the Game?

Gangstar Vegas has a great user interface, which is made easier with adequate navigation facility provided on any Android device. You can play any stage or mission with the best gameplay tactics. Using weapons and vehicles to complete missions is the main trick that the player will have to master while playing the game of Gangstar Vegas.

Tips for a Strong Play

The large open world makes playing the game easy with many activities, such as street racing, bank robberies and fighting tournaments. You can acquire new business, to gain more income. You have to be a strong player in the game as you are going to be Jason Malone, the big champion of Martial Arts. To play the opponent you can use the V-Stick and using the punch icon, you can injure your opponent. Depending on the position, you can either make a small attack, with a tap on the punch icon or make a strong attack, by holding the punch icon. You can protect your vehicle from your enemies, by touching the screen ad moving your fingers to change camera angle. You can attack your enemy by tapping on the crosshair icon provided in the right corner at the bottom of the screen. To shoot continuously, you have to hold the crosshair icon down. For road blocks you will be provided a RPG, to fire at other vehicles and race forward with your task. While on a chasing mission, you have to remain within a certain range of the target. Destroying the target or fighting your target is crucial and can be achieved with good manipulation of the navigation tool.

I think you will agree with me when I say that the game just hooks up all the strong players.

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How to Get Money Fast in gangstar vegas

How to Get Money Fast? – Gangstar Vegas

How to Get Money Fast in Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is a very exciting game with plenty to do. There are story missions which are very easy and can be started from the map screen itself. We’ll show you here how to Get Money Fast in Gangstar Vegas

Beginner Tips

You just have to drive to the start point, select the mission from the map and just begin the game. If you are a beginner, you can just start with weapons, mission and health. You can go in for faster vehicles at a later stage, by acquiring more vehicle skill. Even from the point of weapons, you can grade your skills at the lower level which is the rate of fire and damage, which are essential for playing the game. There is no necessity to upgrade all skills and to give priority on the skill that you will need for the present. As a beginner, you need money to play effectively, which you can easily get, by knowing more about the game and the maneuvers to be taken, to get more currencies.

Tips to Play Well

It is best to purchase an effective weapon, in the very beginning of the game. This will make missions easier. For instance, if you buy an assault rifle, you will not require any pistol or other uzis for your attacks. While controlling your air-craft, you can use make use of the up and down arrows for easy control of your vehicles. While flying the plane, you can use the right scale for acceleration and deceleration p purposes while using the left flight stick for steering purposes. Similarly, for the helicopter, you can use the up and down arrows provided on the right as well as the analog stick for all direction purposes. For both the helicopter and the plane, you will not require the motion control.

These tips will change the way you play, to gain money at a faster speed. at Gangstar Vegas. Just visit here to get more tips about the game.

Gangstar Vegas Game Review

Gangstar Vegas Game Review

Gangstar Vegas Game Review

Gangstar Vegas is the wild gun war game, filled with fun and excitement. The City of Sin with its open-world action game has many fans involved with this game of high graphics and thrills. Using only 2.5 GB space, this game can be easily installed in any of your device.This article will take you into Gangstar Vegas Game Review and we’ll explore the pros & cons of the game.

Gangstar Vegas Game Review : The Pros 

Gameloft, the mobile developer has always received great acclaim for producing innovative games of good quality. The latest is from the Gangstar series, Gangstar Vegas, where you can drive cars at great speed, with a lot of shoot out and fights. The game with incredible graphics has captured a good audience. The audio is extremely good, with well-planned story missions. There are many rewards promised at every twist and turn, to make it more appealing to the gamer. An entry into the gangster world is very adventurous for young minds as it provides relentless fun of the underworld. The fantasy world is most interesting where you get to play with your fantasy ideas. The open world game, with its vast variety is great for fighting or racing. You don’t have to worry about pedestrians and others who are on the way, when you are on one of your adventures. There are about 80 missions to choose from, with targets to achieve in your game. Classic stories and quick games, just add to your excitement. Playing blackjack or poker is another part of the game where you can also play on the slot machine.

Gangstar Vegas Game Review :The Cons 

The controls are a bit slow and not very good for fast movement. The graphics is good but there is too much of it on-screen, which is visible in the weapons used, the controls and the map too.

In all, the game is filled with great attacks and violence with many gamers following it up. You can visit here to know more about the game or for more tips on Gangstar Vegas tips.