How to be the Strongest Player in the Game?

Gangstar Vegas has a great user interface, which is made easier with adequate navigation facility provided on any Android device. You can play any stage or mission with the best gameplay tactics. Using weapons and vehicles to complete missions is the main trick that the player will have to master while playing the game of Gangstar Vegas.

Tips for a Strong Play

The large open world makes playing the game easy with many activities, such as street racing, bank robberies and fighting tournaments. You can acquire new business, to gain more income. You have to be a strong player in the game as you are going to be Jason Malone, the big champion of Martial Arts. To play the opponent you can use the V-Stick and using the punch icon, you can injure your opponent. Depending on the position, you can either make a small attack, with a tap on the punch icon or make a strong attack, by holding the punch icon. You can protect your vehicle from your enemies, by touching the screen ad moving your fingers to change camera angle. You can attack your enemy by tapping on the crosshair icon provided in the right corner at the bottom of the screen. To shoot continuously, you have to hold the crosshair icon down. For road blocks you will be provided a RPG, to fire at other vehicles and race forward with your task. While on a chasing mission, you have to remain within a certain range of the target. Destroying the target or fighting your target is crucial and can be achieved with good manipulation of the navigation tool.

I think you will agree with me when I say that the game just hooks up all the strong players.

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